Jakarta Markets




Jakarta is an inter­na­tional hub for export­ing exotic wildlife and birds.  Centrally located on the Island of Java wildlife dealers have many jungles within reach to acquire animals from.  Although Java itself is rich with rainforests and wildlife it also neigh­bours Sumatra, Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia there­fore the oppor­tu­ni­ties appear endless for this dirty business.

I had been told that the live animal markets in Jakarta are a living hell on earth for animals.  I found nothing less.  Wander­ing through these busy markets I could not stop think­ing of how we are raping the jungles.  I imagined how the poach­ers must stomp through the forests grabbing any species that they find.  Ripping animals from their lush green branches and from their families.  Hurling them into dark sacks, hungry and scared only to find themselves days later in this scorch­ing and polluted market.  Nowhere on earth could be further from nature for these poor animals. In downtown Jakarta these recently stolen animals are cramped into filthy metal cages, covered in their own feces, kicked by passing children, breath­ing air filled with exhaust fumes and hearing only the sounds of honking horns and shout­ing humans.






















To make matters worse for these animals many of them are noctur­nal.  Animals like the Slow Loris, Flying Squir­rels, Bats and Owls should be sleep­ing accord­ing to their natural instincts but instead are on display inside this hectic market.  Often they are in a small cage pressed against another cell impris­on­ing their natural preda­tor and/or prey.  To make matters EVEN worse most of the animals that are for sale at this miser­able place are babies; fright­ened disori­en­tated babies who all should still be under their mother’s care.  It seemed to me that each fright­ened face was living peace­fully only days before.  Now thrust into the filth and chaos of Jakarta markets wonder­ing, “how in the world did this happen to me?”  Many of them already sick and exhausted proba­bly don’t even survive.


















It is easy to stand back and blame these “evil people” in foreign lands of ripping these innocent animals out of the wild and putting them through hell to make a buck but they are not solely to blame.  Most of these wild animals are traded and sold around the world.  They will fill our zoos and enter­tain us in commer­cials, films and on greet­ing cards.  If we finan­cially support any indus­try that uses wild animals we are employ­ing the poach­ers who rip these innocent souls from their homes, families and natural world.



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