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I am often asked what it is like to travel the world as a vegan.  Being vegan can come with challenges anywhere but I would never say that it is impos­si­ble or even diffi­cult.  Our planet is filled with an abundance of wonder­ful foods, none of which need to contain animal-products.  When on the road it can be diffi­cult to cook for myself so I often have to rely on restau­rants.  Before I head out to a new country I make a point of learn­ing some key phrases in the local language.   Right after learn­ing “hello”, “please” and “thank you” I learn “no meat”, “no fish”, “no eggs” and “no milk”.   More times than not people are happy to accom­mo­date the requests of the friendly foreigner and often step up to the challenge by making something extra special.  Often people around the world are intrigued by vegan­ism and want to learn more about the ethics behind it, the health benefits and even swap recipes.  Often by just order­ing a meal in a restau­rant I am able to spread some new ideas and ways of eating.





















I love experi­enc­ing differ­ent cultures and I am an advocate of the old cliché, “When in Rome do as the Romans do….” but I do not believe that being on the road is a good enough reason to forego ones ethics and it certainly does not justify allow­ing others to suffer to satisfy a cultural experi­ence.  In fact, there is more reason to not consume or purchase animal products when travel­ling.  So many countries around the world lack animal welfare laws and enforce­ment.  Without any regula­tions on how animals are treated it is often a horrific life and death for these innocent creatures.  I have travelled to numer­ous countries that have absolutely no regard for animal welfare, where free range and cruelty-free products are an unheard of western fantasy.  For those that may not be vegan or vegetar­ian but who do care about the lives of animals and are concerned for their well being it is impos­si­ble to have control over these things while travel­ling.  There­fore, it is more impor­tant for those of us who do not want to contribute to animal suffer­ing to avoid animal products in foreign lands.


When I am asked what it is like to travel as a vegan, I answer that it is comfort­ing knowing that I am not contribut­ing to the cruelty that exists in the countries that I am visit­ing.  Whatever effort I may have to go through to ensure that my food is cruelty-free is worth it.


When travel­ling I always carry a reliable jar of peanut butter for back up.


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