For The Mothers


When I was a young girl I fanta­sized about having a baby.  It seemed like a natural urge as a teenager and through my twenties to have a child of my own.  Someone to nurture, protect and love.  Someone that was all mine.  As I grew older however other factors came into play and my logical side questioned if having a child was the best choice for me.  I had become so passion­ate about helping animals and making a differ­ence for them I was afraid of the distrac­tion that having a baby might create. In animals I had found others that needed nurtur­ing, protec­tion and love just as much as a child of my own.  The suffer­ing of animals is so great that they truly need all of the help that they can get.  I worried that if I had my own children I would neglect animals and the dedica­tion that I have to making a differ­ence for them.

In the end I decided to give in to my own desire to have a baby and after years of contem­pla­tion I took the plunge.  For those who don’t know me person­ally you may not know that I am expect­ing to give birth to my own bundle of love in a few short days.  Although I have not yet had the baby my fears of being distracted from animals have subsided.








My own pregnancy has drawn me closer to animals and magni­fied the sympa­thy that I have for those who suffer such emotional pains at the hands of humans.  Since I felt the first kick of life inside of me I have experi­enced my own natural instincts that come along with mother­hood.  The feelings that I have for the baby growing inside of me are the same as the instincts which animals possess: to love and to protect their young.  There is no doubt in my mind that the mothers of other species are fully aware of the life that grows within them and are as emotion­ally connected and protec­tive of their young as humans are.  For me there is nothing more heart break­ing than a mother having her baby taken away.  Whether it be a dairy farmer ripping away her newborn calf or a hunter shoot­ing a mother deer’s adoles­cent offspring in the wild, the anguish that these animals feel is indis­putable.  I have no doubt that these mothers are desper­ate to protect the life that they have created.  In the animal kingdom it is the mothers who suffer the most frequently.  Animals who are bred and raised for food on farms are repeat­edly forced into pregnancy only to have their babies taken away at birth.  Over and over again these poor mothers are forced to endure their worst nightmare.








I am a one of the lucky ones.  My heart brakes for the mothers of other species who have no control over those that steal and kill their babies.  I know that they love their babies as much as I do.  The evidence is obvious by watch­ing the relation­ships between mothers and their young, but now I actually feel the natural instincts that we all share.  I am as passion­ate as ever to help the suffer­ing mothers who are not as lucky as I am.  As a mother I am more devoted to making this world a more peace­ful and compas­sion­ate place for them.














I am sure that there will be moments in the months and years to come that I wish that I had more time to work for animals but I know that my devotion to animals will only grow stronger.  Being a human mother I have a voice and I intend to use it for all of the mothers that cannot speak from themselves.




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5 Responses to For The Mothers

  1. zoe alvares says:

    Loved the photographs and article. Mothers are the ones that can bring about a change, spread the message of compas­sion and concern for our dumb fellow-beings on this planet.

  2. Debbie says:

    Beauti­ful pictures. Please make sure you don’t have your own baby taken from you right after deliv­ery in order to warm, bath, monitor, give meds and in general take away one of the most beauti­ful and impor­tant moments of yours and your baby’s life. This is happen­ing all the time all over the world. Women are afraid to speak up and say they want their babies with them, safe, protected and warm in their own arms and give their power over to an insti­tu­tional idea. Happy birthing and much joy. (please remem­ber breast­feed­ing is one of the great­est gifts a mother can give)

  3. Sharmini says:

    Absolutely BEAUTY FULLY said, expressed & shared Julie!!! I FEEL YOU, we are ALL ONE. Is Time for us to Awaken & realize this — my new mantra: COMPASSION IN ACTION, LOVE FOR *ALL* LIVING BEINGS!!!! It’s 2013, it’s TIME for Change — let’s do This! Together!!!
    Love U, THK U xoxo

  4. Evelyn Embry says:

    Sorry you decided to get pregnant not being content with loving and helping animals.
    Human over-population threat­ens the natural world like no other species.
    If you want humans to stop pollut­ing, dont’ have more of us here. Enough already!

    Women must take respon­si­bil­ity for the destruc­tion of our earth since it is not four leggeds, birds or any other creature doing these monstrous things.
    It is not someone else. It is YOU!

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